Dr. Leicht is a licensed clinical psychologist who graduated from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology (Yeshiva University) with a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology.  While in graduate school, Dr. Leicht trained in many settings with individuals of all ages, including hospital-based inpatient and outpatient units, community clinics, developmental centers, and organizations focused on helping medically fragile and vulnerable youth.  Through this work, Dr. Leicht began to focus her training on working with children and their families.  She completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at JBFCS's The Learning Center, further specializing in school consultation, psycho-educational evaluations, and therapeutic interventions with children. 

Dr. Leicht has over twenty years of experience working together with families and schools to support children who are struggling.  She brings her deep understanding of human development and learning, her belief in the value of multi-disciplinary work, her strengths-based approach and her natural ability to connect with others to each new case. In addition to her private practice work, Dr. Leicht has partnered with some of the area's most well-respected nursery and grade schools to provide her expertise to teachers and administrators as they work to build curriculum, design classrooms, understand and serve their students, and build their knowledge of child development and learning.

  Leah K. Leicht, PsyD